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Gift Your Children The Right Education From The Right Institution

One of the most significant factors in life-regardless of whatever social or financial segment one belongs to is education today. Providing quality education and enlightening your children is naturally your top priority, no doubt. The best thing you as a parent can do for your child is gifting the best education possible from the right school. Here’s where choosing the right school becomes imperative.

Why is Choosing the Right School for Your Child Crucial in its Formative Years?

Children, during their growing years, are open-minded and raring to go. Choosing the right school for children implies allowing them to take a long and winding path of learning and gaining knowledge. The right school for a child makes all the difference in not only its successful academic career but also in developing into a compassionate and mature citizen.

It is not sufficient if the school is bound to academics alone; it must lay importance on the extracurricular activities too, that enormously help in holistically shaping the children. There are myriad schools available today, leaving the parents in a quandary over choosing the right fit for their children.

Selecting the right school ensures that your child receives the best education possible in tune with her or his specific needs. This, in turn, increases the child’s chances of maturing and developing into a successful person.

Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Child

With the growing number of pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools all around us, it has become challenging to understand the quality of education offered. Selecting the one that best fits your child’s specific needs might appear harsh. By remembering certain crucial things and following a few quick steps, you will be able to manage this confusion.

The school must have adequate infrastructure

The general infrastructure of the school-classrooms, libraries, playground, and other facilities-plays a vital role in the holistic development of students. Proper ventilation and adequate space are essential for young students to move about freely and grow in a healthy environment.

Well-equipped and spacious labs and halls, fully-stocked libraries, and large playgrounds give the extra boost required by the young ones in the budding stage.

Qualified and trained faculty

Not just educational qualification, it takes a lot more to manage and nurture young children with unlimited curiosity during their formative years. The teaching staff in a school that you select must be well-qualified, compassionate, and appropriately trained for handling infants. They must excel in their subjects while being able to kindle the curiosity of students and answer all the queries tirelessly.

Importance to extracurricular activities

It has been proven that extracurricular activities are equally essential in the overall development of students of all ages and every academic setting. It is more so in the primary school level, wherein children try their hands and taste several crucial and creative activities.

In addition to academic progress, it is imperative that your child naturally develops social and leadership skills through such activities.

Healthy and hygienic environment

A crowded and stressful situation is a big no-no for the blossoming child. A student’s understanding level is tied to the school’s environment. A serene, comfortable atmosphere that is free of unnecessary noise, clutter, or other pollutants is essential. Such external factors are immensely influential in the overall development of children.

Modern and updated curriculum

Unlike before, society demands much more from education now. Schools must keep themselves regularly updated to shape their students so that they can meet the current challenges and meet the contemporary requirements in a smooth and qualified manner. Digital has become the means of most of the activities in the modern world. You need to choose the school that is equipped with all sophisticated electronic devices and course material to enable your child to shine in the real-world.

Of course, Indian schools follow different certification programs such as SSC, CBSE, ICSE, and others. It is your choice to accommodate your child in the program that fits her or him the best.

Teacher to student ratio

Teachers have their capabilities and limitations. It is essential that you, as a caring parent, send your child to the school that has a healthy teacher-to-student ratio. Research has proven that children tend to learn better and more in classrooms with low strength.

The more the number of students, the more the effort from the part of the teacher and the more the number of teachers required. Look for schools that follow the accepted industry norm of 30 to 35 students per class in the primary school setting. The number is even lower at the pre-K level.

Importance to discipline

One of the fundamental requirements in any child’s life is the high level of control and discipline established at the school. A school is the most important place where your child learns basic manners and essential etiquette. You must ensure that your child’s school imparts in her or him the acceptable behaviors, character, and empathy.


One key factor that governs the choice of your child’s school is the proximity. From a safety perspective and for saving unwanted discomfort of having to commute long, it is your responsibility to put your child in a school that is not just having all the above-discussed virtues but is close enough to reach as well.

Quality Education from the Appropriate School is Key in the Overall Development of Children

The quality of education and the opportunity to learn the skills as demanded by society remain the crucial factors. However, there’s much more for your child to learn in school. You must ensure that the school offers the opportunity to develop your child’s physical, social, and creative skills as well. This is the path to facilitate the overall development of your child.


Make sure that you give your child the best education today so that he/she blossoms to a matured, enlightened, and compassionate human being with all the necessary skills to face the world in future. The Shri Ram School offers a world of educational opportunities for children, spanning from academic to extra-curricular activities. Click here to explore the world of TSUS.

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Role Of A Primary Teacher In Students Development

The primary school teacher plays a crucial role in the development of young students. At a young age, children’s minds are like a sponge, absorbing knowledge from many different fronts of life. The teacher’s sole responsibility is not merely imparting knowledge to children in the classroom. Primary school teachers are next only to their students’ parents when it comes to contributing to the children’s development. They assist immensely in developing the children’s moral values. The best CBSE schools in Chennai are no exception to this. They look for teachers by not only evaluating their educational background but also what they bring to the table in terms of aiding student development.

Why primary school teachers are considered the propagators of good qualities among children?

Role Of A Primary Teacher In Students Development

Role Of A Primary Teacher In Students Development

As the famous saying goes, “there are no bad students, only bad teachers!” Handling children who are born with no specific characters or manners and moulding them into the right kind of human beings is no easy task. It takes patience, dedication, and an eye for detail.

In empowering the growing minds to understand the difference between right and wrong, teachers are taking up the revered role of guides and mentors. They are tasked to teach desirable qualities to the students.

The Multiple Roles of a Primary Teacher

A teacher is a particular person in a child’s life who has to fill multiple roles. Teachers first need to keep learning themselves and develop into professionals who can deftly guide young ones to become mature. The following are a few of the crucial roles played by primary teachers so that they become the best educators for children:

1. Resource Center

The most significant role to be filled by a primary teacher is becoming a reliable resource centre for their students. It is quite common that children approach teachers seeking information about umpteen things. Providing relevant information and guiding students to make use of the information optimally is the teacher’s responsibility. They must make themselves available all the time so that students can consult them whenever necessary.

2. Constant Support

In their developing stage, children need support and assistance while acquiring new skills or learning further information. Acting as reliable support as and when students need such help, teachers are expected to come up with the appropriate backing in different forms, namely, leader, coach, and counsellor.

3. Controlling Hand

Primary school teachers are entirely in charge of the class. They have to control what students do, including how they speak and behave. While imparting knowledge in a student-centric way, the teacher must assume total control for the proper development of the children. They must stay friendly and supportive while ensuring that children abide by the regulations.

4. The Mentor

Unquestionably, the teacher’s prominent role is being the students’ mentor. Among the several responsibilities of teachers, coaching the students takes priority. Tailoring the courses and planning learning materials according to the individual capabilities of students is of paramount importance. Teachers must ensure that children are allowed to learn at their own pace and in tune with their attention span.

5. Assessing Students

Checking how students perform, correcting them, and providing required feedback are primarily significant functionalities of primary school teachers. Moving around with the growing children enables teachers to have an understanding of the unique qualities and caliber of each child. Grading and correcting students is one of the significant responsibilities of teachers.

6. Organizing Curriculum and Events

One of the essential and challenging roles a primary school teacher has to play is organizing the children’s study material and activities related to education and overall development. Setting up activities, getting involved and engaged with the students, and demonstrating things fall under this role.

How do primary school teachers contribute to the overall development of students?

Contribution of teachers to the overall development of students

Contribution of teachers to the overall development of students

Did you know that top schools in Chennai hire teachers who have good interpersonal and people skills? This is because they want to impart those skills to the students.

Manners and Etiquette: Teachers enable children to learn the basic etiquette and manners such as respecting elders, being friendly with their peers, and developing socially acceptable behavior. Teachers have to rectify misconduct, if any, in their students’ manners.

Cooperation Among Students: While fostering a friendly and supportive learning environment, teachers encourage and ensure that students work together whenever required. Children are taught the importance and benefits of working as a group or team.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence: In their developing phase, children must learn to love themselves. They must have pride in their clothing and appearance. Feeling good about themselves boosts their self-confidence. Teachers, by showing concern and providing opportunities to succeed, instil self-esteem and confidence in students.

Fostering Curiosity: A crucial aspect that enables young students to learn with interest is their curiosity about new things. The child comes across new situations and acquires new skills continuously in life. The teacher runs a student-centric classroom, encouraging children to ask questions, ensuring they get the right answers, and have their doubts cleared.

Instilling Integrity and Honesty: One of the basic and critical characteristics that must be acquired by young students, honesty and integrity are the virtues that not only make students mature into competent adults but also ensure the well-being of future society. It is the primary teacher who imparts such great qualities in children during their early learning stage in life.

Taking Responsibility: Another desirable and crucial quality among students that is facilitated by teachers is being responsible for them as well as others. Accountability in life’s various activities at all stages can only be achieved if children are nurtured with these qualities during their budding years. Teachers, of course, are the ones who make this possible.

Teachers take the role of third parents

Primary school teachers’ contribution to student development is tremendous. It is a child’s experiences in the formative years that shape him or her into the specific person they become. Teachers help in a big way of discovering who they become. Being a big part of the children’s lives and spending the maximum learning time with them, teachers almost develop parental relationships with students.

Similar to most things in life, a teacher’s role keeps changing with time. In earlier times, teachers used to issue curriculum materials and a clear set of instructions while following a fixed pattern of teaching. This is no more an effective approach in the modern world. Today, primary school teachers in the best CBSE schools in Chennai take up the various roles that fit the demands and needs of the contemporary world.

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15 Best Extra-Curricular Activities For Kids

The children of the contemporary world are faced with a mounting pressure to prove their academic prowess and are mostly provided with technology-based recreation. This has started killing their enthusiasm towards hobbies and extracurricular activities. With that in mind, it’s high time that we encourage our kids to participate in extracurricular activities as a supplement to their academics.

Top 15 Extracurricular Activities for School-going Children

The truth is, not everything can be taught through formal education. In addition to what children learn as part of their curriculum, they acquire so many vital skills from other activities. The top cbse schools in Chennai all offer extracurricular activities as a core part of their course curriculum. Apart from everyday studies, these help them gain essential practical life skills that help them lifelong. The following are a few activities that significantly improve the children’s overall skill set:

#1. Sports

Considered to be one of the virtues that need to be learned during the formative years, sports of any kind enables all-round development in children. Sports impart discipline and instills team spirit in the young ones. Any type of games and sports activity is good for them. Again, the choice lies with the individual child, with a great number of sports activities being available. Improving the fitness level and triggering enthusiasm, sports are a great way to have fun and develop skills at the same time.

#2. Music

Training in music opens up an ocean of opportunities and recreation to children. While the choice of the instrument lies with the child, children are sure to enjoy and evolve with the sound of music.

#3. Dance

One of the physically engaging and mentally sharpening activities, dancing offers the much-needed exercise and focus for today’s kids. There are different styles of dance, and the child can choose one based on his or her interest.

#4. Drawing/Painting

The blossoming artist in your child can come to the fore through drawing or painting. While playing with colours is a lot of fun, the creativity in the child is triggered and developed. This is what makes it an excellent hobby to pick up.

#5. Martial Arts

Martial arts such as Judo, Karate, and Taekwondo serve the dual purpose of inculcating discipline and teaching self-defense to the kids. Children may pick their preferred style to channel and control their strength rather than using it for violence.

#6. Book Club

An activity that enables children to quench their thirst for learning and socializing with like-minded friends, a book club is among the most preferred extracurricular activities for kids today. Opportunities to gain knowledge abound here. Some of the top CBSE schools in Chennai house huge book clubs that help children develop reading habits.

#7. Cooking

An important life skill, cooking is for anybody and everybody. Taking part in this activity ensures that our children become self-reliant and independent. Cooking helps children develop fine motor skills while learning about nutrition and sharing.

#8. Swimming

This is one of the best physical activities that tones most parts of the body. A skill every human being needs to master, swimming creates a fighting spirit that facilitates young children to face emergency situations and helps develop self-confidence.

#9. Gymnastics

An organized and deeply coordinated activity, gymnastics helps kids to gain physical as well as mental strength that ensures fitness and a sense of accomplishment. Physical well-being is promoted while a child’s cognitive skills are boosted greatly by taking part in this activity.

#10. Foreign Language

The contemporary world is fast becoming a global village with communication and networking having been made effortless and rapid. The one skill that helps connect people from various parts of this world is language. Learning and mastering a new, foreign language helps kids to acquire knowledge, develop analytical skills, and break the language barrier.

#11. Archery

An activity that hones children’s attention span, improves focus, and helps them to do better in their academic activities, archery is an evergreen art. It improves responsibility among kids.

#12. Nature Studies

What could be the best teacher for growing children other than Mother Nature? With several approaches to formal and informal education emphasizing nature-oriented study methods, exploring the outdoors and getting to know about our environment extensively is a great way to learn and grow.

#13. Pottery

Clay is a fascinating substance that keeps children engaged and improves their creativity. One of the oldest arts that has a calming effect on the participants, pottery improves concentration and perseverance.

#14. Drama Club

A productive way to channelize imagination in children, acting develops physical, social, and artistic skills among kids while enhancing their public-speaking skills. Developing personality and improving confidence, being in a drama club builds the child’s creativity.

#15. Sewing Class

Though not considered an extracurricular activity by many, sewing is one skill that comes in handy, especially for those in their formative years. Mastering the basics of sewing enables children to blossom into fashion designers in their future. Creativity and imagination are greatly stimulated in children by taking part in this activity.

Significance of Extracurricular Activities Among Children

Respite from hectic academics: Extracurricular activities provide a much-needed breather for kids from their otherwise hectic life.

Analytical skills: Learning solely through academic books is not sufficient in the modern world – critical thinking is the need of the hour, and extracurricular activities provide it.

Self-confidence: Self-esteem and confidence play a crucial role in the success of a child. Active participation in other activities in addition to academics helps boost their self-belief.

Hidden talent is identified: Recognizing and encouraging the hidden talents of a child is very important during the developing stage of their life. Active participation in activities outside the classroom brings out such hidden talents.

Social skills: Technology-based recreation and gadget-based life have impacted socializing abilities significantly. Understanding the social values and bonding can be made possible through extracurricular activities.

In this fast-paced life, it is essential to integrate suitable extracurricular activities to a child’s academic life. It helps children in learning to set priorities and manage their time while widening their perspective about the real world. The best place to help children nurture their inborn talents and interests is the school. So, while hunting for the best schools in Chennai, it would be wise to choose the school which offers equal importance to extracurricular activities as well.

Stands Out From the Crowd

How The Shri Ram Universal School Stands Out From the Crowd

Good academic curriculum, character-building, extra-curricular talents, and many other aspects are involved in shaping children through a properly-framed education system. The Shri Ram Universal School, one of the best CBSE school in Chennai, is nestled amidst lush greenery, providing a serene and conducive learning environment. It offers a balanced education filled with all virtues necessary for the child. It is perfect for training the students to become responsible future citizens.

The location advantages

The Shri Ram Universal School is located in SPR City, Perambur. Having a presence in the heart of a metropolitan city naturally provides myriad benefits. This sprawling residential township is free from all the hassles associated with big city life while retaining all the essential facilities.

With excellent accessibility from almost all parts of Chennai, this school provides a safe and convenient way for children to reach school and return home. As the entire school is set amidst natural surroundings with a calm atmosphere, it provides the opportunity to learn and develop most skills the natural way.

Focusing on the overall development of the students

It is a well-known fact that the learning process, especially at school, is instrumental in shaping the student’s personality and the way they deal with life situations. By offering learning opportunities that are experimental, innovative, and interactive, the overall growth of students is guaranteed.

Education in the contemporary world is expected to bring about well-rounded development rather than just providing the means to acquire degrees and achieve financial success. The Shri Ram Universal School believes in grooming the children from a 360-degree perspective to accomplish holistic growth.

How does The Shri Ram Universal School differ?

Several educational institutions are following the principle of providing a curriculum-oriented education that only develops the students in learning what is required to obtain degrees. The Shri Ram Universal School, on the other hand, has the vision to contribute immensely to the development of young minds so they can acquire knowledge in multiple domains.

The Shri Ram Universal School focuses on different aspects

Social aspect: The Shri Ram Universal School understands that the school is the child’s first avenue of socializing. At school, the child leaves its comfort zone with his/her parents and immediate family members. They begin their interaction with others, thus being exposed to new people and ideas. They learn friendly practices such as friendship, empathy, and participation. We assist children with all essential guidance in this regard, enabling them to become empathetic and socially developed adults.

Mental aspect: Being the first fountain of knowledge for children, schools are entrusted with the massive responsibility of cultivating a good thought process in the children. We provide ample opportunities for the children to get exposure to unlimited influences that come from different cultural sources. Patience, sharing, flexibility, and tolerance are a few of the virtues children learn at the Shri Ram Universal School.

Physical aspect: The most crucial growing period in children’s life is their student phase. School-going children must be allowed to participate in as many physical activities as possible to turn into healthy and fit adults. Our school ensures that students are enabled to direct their boundless energy into something productive through various physical activities, such as sports and craft.

Unparalleled, unique facilities

Sports abound: With open spaces, various competitions and games, the school motivates its students to take up their preferred sports activity.

Learning den: To inculcate the vital habit of reading among the children, we have a well-stocked library with myriad books for fostering learning.

Safe transportation: The reliable and secure bus service with a fleet of air-conditioned buses ensure prompt pick-up and drop for children while assuring their safety and security.

Yummy, healthy cafeteria: The school houses a hygienic and clean refreshment area. Freshly prepared nutritious food is available for children of all ages.

Thinking arcade: The Shri Ram Universal School prides itself in having an exclusive thinking arcade that augments the critical thinking abilities of the students while maximizing creativity and practical learning.

Wonder spaces: Learning through experience is one of the unique principles of our school. We encourage children to explore and enjoy nature through amenities like tree houses, green groves, and a green kitchen inside the campus.

Exclusive curriculum and pedagogy

At the Shri Ram Universal School, the emphasis is placed on a child-centric education. Our learning methods are experimental and interactive, inviting the children’s curiosity. We use a diverse mix of innovative materials and approach for teaching.

The ‘one size fits all’ concept is done away with; we follow a combination of different approaches that fulfill the specific needs of students. Every child is assured of a personalized learning experience here.

An unmatched co-curricular domain – The main reason why Shri Ram School stands among the top schools in Chennai, Perambur

We believe in the fact that children learn as they play, and in play, the children learn more of their core skills. We provide a diverse and extensive range of opportunities in co-curricular activities and motivate every child to take part in the ones they prefer.

The following are a few of these activities:

  • Clubs and societies
  • Sports
  • Life skills
  • Community service
  • Environmental activities
  • School trips
  • Arts and visual arts programs
  • Math lab
  • Music club
  • Computer lab
  • Literary club

The student-centric Shri philosophy

The Shri Ram Universal School fully understands that education at the school level is the foundation of any society. We feel responsible for providing education that ensures the social, economic, and political development and growth of the community in general.

The critical factor that distinguishes our school from peers is the fact that we believe in the unique individuality of each child. We see to it that the entire curriculum is woven around the student, making the learning process enjoyable and challenging.


We stay ahead by playing our role perfectly to mould the nation’s future by nurturing our future citizens today. We facilitate the all-round development of today’s students so that they grow into the perfect citizens of tomorrow. We encourage children to learn by igniting their curiosity and fostering creativity.

Enroll your child now!!!


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How To Choose The Best CBSE School In Chennai

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the prominent education boards in the country. Schools under this domain are usually renowned for their holistic curricula and the wholesome learning experience they offer across the country. CBSE schools all across India produce stellar alumni with every batch, raising the bar higher every year. With so many to choose from and all of them offering good facilities, how does one pick from the lot?

Picking the right school for your child is a process that culminates in a final decision. Once I pick CBSE, I am automatically choosing to put my child in the national curriculum scheme. With that in mind, picking the best CBSE schools just based on an easy daily commute won’t suffice. The bigger picture has to be taken into consideration, to guarantee the best education for the children. With a few factors in mind, it is possible to search, filter and lock down the best CBSE schools. Here’s how:

Ask the parents/students from different CBSE schools for a review.

Every school’s prospectus will obviously paint a rosy picture of the institute. For truly honest reviews, enquire about the school to the parents/students associated with the school. They will give you an unbiased account, for the most part, covering the positives and the shortcomings of the school. Always consider different perspectives for the same school, with a fair analysis.

Don’t just go by academics alone.

It’s something we’ve all come across; the top 10 CBSE schools in Chennai are all known to proudly display their students’ performance in board exams. This serves a dual purpose of cementing their standing among the competition, as well as drawing in prospective admissions. While the lower classes are not as impacted by this bookish approach, it’s the ideology that’s at question here. Yes, it is important to consider the academic performance of the school, but that’s not the only important factor. CBSE schools are supposed to provide a holistic education for all students, and this includes extra-curricular activities as well. Make sure the students at the school are happy, your child deserves it as well.

Compare the schools to CBSE schools in other regions.

One of the advantages of being part of a national board of education is that there’s a wide pool for comparison. Comparing a school’s ‘spec sheet’ to other schools that are doing well in other regions will help you get a bigger perspective and gain clarity on which Chennai CBSE school would be best suited for your child. Our school is well-aligned with the general tenets of CBSE schools, while also having a unique approach to education. Know what the school’s vision and mission are. Branch schools like DAV and NPS are also known for their consistent standard in CBSE education.

Look at the logistics.

This is an obvious part of every school hunt, not just CBSE schools. The fee structure of the respective schools is a big demarcating factor in deciding which schools to pick. So are other factors such as the infrastructure available, the school timings, provisions for transport/meals, so on and so forth. The top 10 CBSE schools in Chennai will obviously have top-notch facilities for students to fully utilize. For the schools that rank slightly lower on this list, it’s important to run a check on the facilities, to ensure your child gets the best tools to realize his or her full potential.

Location is important too.

Whichever way we look at it, we cannot ignore that the proximity of the school to our residence influences our decision majorly. After all, organizing and setting up the daily commute for the child to school is a big task in itself! If the school is closeby, it also reflects on the child’s productivity and energy levels both before and after school. Luckily, Chennai’s CBSE schools are spread out uniformly across the city, so there’s always one within close reach.

Let’s say you reside in the northern part of Chennai and are looking for CBSE schools in Perambur. Our school provides a quality education that is on par with CBSE standards. We also instil knowledge in students, with a global outlook in mind. Sri Ram Universal School is dedicated to individual attention to each student’s needs, right from LKG till the sixth grade.

These are just five general reasons for you to consider while filtering out the best CBSE schools in Chennai for your child. As you go deeper into the search, you will find more factors cropping up that will influence your search process. What’s important to remember is, don’t lose sight of what the purpose of your search is: bringing the best opportunities for your child, in terms of his or her education. Happy school scouting!

FAQs – How To Choose The Best CBSE School In Chennai

Which school is the best CBSE School in Chennai?
Those looking for the best CBSE School in Chennai are in luck because the city is home to some gems. From the big names like DAV to unique ones like TSUS, each CBSE school has its own USP.

How many CBSE schools are there in Chennai?
There are around 20 CBSE-affiliated schools in Chennai. Some of them are among the most reputed educational institutions in the region.

Why should I choose a CBSE school?
The best CBSE schools in Chennai offer a holistic curriculum on all fronts. This allows students to branch out and achieves their goals later in their careers.

What is the average fee for CBSE schools in Chennai LKG?
The average fees for LKG admission at the best CBSE schools in Chennai are around the

How to get admission to CBSE schools in Chennai?
Every CBSE school in Chennai has its own application policies and specific formalities. Enquire with the respective institutions for further details.

When does the admission process open in CBSE schools?
The admission process in CBSE schools opens a few months before school reopening in the summer. Dates vary from school to school.