Arise N Shine - Wizz Kids - Season 2 - Grand Finale

Date - 29/02/2020

This event took place at the Hilton Hotel which was conducted by Arise N Shine for the Grand Finale of Wizz Kids Season 2

Horizon Expo

Dates - 15/02/2020 - 16/02/2020
We participated in the Horizon Expo as this was an exhibition for school admissions.

Arise N Shine Annual Day

Date - 14/02/2020
We participated in the Annual Day of Arise N Shine 

Meet & Greet session with Chennaiyin FC Players

Date - 25/01/2020
Take a look at the energetic evening where the Superstars of Chennaiyin FC met their fans!

School Connects Infinity Kids

Date - 22/12/2019
 A fun and exciting learning event that instantly lit up the children’s faces.

“Infinity Kids” was a day to remember for the school, the parents and their young ones.

A shout out to all the kids and the parents who made use of this opportunity to explore, learn as well as showcase their talents at TSUS.

Coffee Morning with Principal

Date - 14/12/2019

A whole new experience for the parents to get a clear idea of how “The Shri Way” will facilitate their kids to better their best. It was indeed a great opportunity for the parents to acquaint themselves with The Shri Educators and our principal to understand The Shri Way of learning, The Shri Way of holistic development and academics, the various amenities as well as the infrastructure of the school.