5 Ways to make learning more fun and engaging

5 Ways to make learning more fun and engaging

Students’ education is given importance as it is the basis on which a child builds their future. So, it is essential to make learning a fun and engaging activity. You should trigger the inner creative learning phase of the kids. A teacher should inspire them to learn with an eager mind and heart.

  • Connect learning to real life

Every child will be having the same question in their mind. Why are they learning these? Will they ever use it outside the classroom? So, to engage your student, you will need to go with the practical lessons or maybe connect the curriculum with real-life events. Like, while in science class, rather than teaching them about life cycles, try to show the caterpillar and tell the children to find the meaning themselves. When they understand that everything, they learn is around them, students’ education will be much better.

  • Break up the lessons

The education of students is vital when you take a new lesson, so try to break up the portions. As you take long tutoring’s automatically children will get bored and will be restless. They won’t listen to the lectures properly. While taking a lesson, try to teach them for some time, after that make them get up from the seat and do some exercises. Like that, in each class do something new. Bring creative play & learning into the curriculum. When your classroom is unique and innovative, children will be very attentive in the class.

  • Gamify the educational process

Games are always fun and activate a child’s bright side. When you tell them that they are going to learn a new lesson, nobody will be interested. But at the same time, if you say let’s play a game today, they will be excited like anything. Their mind will be open to let in everything you say and thus open up scope for creative learning. Gamify your portions so that you can have a good impact on your student’s education.

  • Schedule field trip

When you arrange a field tour, it will be a different experience for the children. They will connect the outside world with what they have learned at school. The field trips can be plays and museum exhibits to historical places. With this, the children grasp the knowledge more, and this learning will be sculpted in their minds forever. Students’ education will be better and with a good base.

  • Take learning outside

Don’t teach students in the classrooms always. Once in a while, take them outside and teach them there; it will create a change for them. If the teacher can relate the lessons to the outdoor objects, then do take them outside. Let them explore and study with real-world scenarios. It is a kind of creative learning which can grab children’s attention.

For the best learning experience, children should love what they study. These are some of the tips that can help you to grab the attention of your students. At The Shri Ram Universal School, we give importance to creative learning and students’ education is designed with fun activities.

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