Gift Your Children The Right Education From The Right Institution

One of the most significant factors in life-regardless of whatever social or financial segment one belongs to is education today. Providing quality education and enlightening your children is naturally your top priority, no doubt. The best thing you as a parent can do for your child is gifting the best education possible from the right school. Here’s where choosing the right school becomes imperative.

Why is Choosing the Right School for Your Child Crucial in its Formative Years?

Children, during their growing years, are open-minded and raring to go. Choosing the right school for children implies allowing them to take a long and winding path of learning and gaining knowledge. The right school for a child makes all the difference in not only its successful academic career but also in developing into a compassionate and mature citizen.

It is not sufficient if the school is bound to academics alone; it must lay importance on the extracurricular activities too, that enormously help in holistically shaping the children. There are myriad schools available today, leaving the parents in a quandary over choosing the right fit for their children.

Selecting the right school ensures that your child receives the best education possible in tune with her or his specific needs. This, in turn, increases the child’s chances of maturing and developing into a successful person.

Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Child

With the growing number of pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools all around us, it has become challenging to understand the quality of education offered. Selecting the one that best fits your child’s specific needs might appear harsh. By remembering certain crucial things and following a few quick steps, you will be able to manage this confusion.

The school must have adequate infrastructure

The general infrastructure of the school-classrooms, libraries, playground, and other facilities-plays a vital role in the holistic development of students. Proper ventilation and adequate space are essential for young students to move about freely and grow in a healthy environment.

Well-equipped and spacious labs and halls, fully-stocked libraries, and large playgrounds give the extra boost required by the young ones in the budding stage.

Qualified and trained faculty

Not just educational qualification, it takes a lot more to manage and nurture young children with unlimited curiosity during their formative years. The teaching staff in a school that you select must be well-qualified, compassionate, and appropriately trained for handling infants. They must excel in their subjects while being able to kindle the curiosity of students and answer all the queries tirelessly.

It has been proven that extracurricular activities are equally essential in the overall development of students of all ages and every academic setting. It is more so in the primary school level, wherein children try their hands and taste several crucial and creative activities.

In addition to academic progress, it is imperative that your child naturally develops social and leadership skills through such activities.

Healthy and hygienic environment

A crowded and stressful situation is a big no-no for the blossoming child. A student’s understanding level is tied to the school’s environment. A serene, comfortable atmosphere that is free of unnecessary noise, clutter, or other pollutants is essential. Such external factors are immensely influential in the overall development of children.

Modern and updated curriculum

Unlike before, society demands much more from education now. Schools must keep themselves regularly updated to shape their students so that they can meet the current challenges and meet the contemporary requirements in a smooth and qualified manner. Digital has become the means of most of the activities in the modern world. You need to choose the school that is equipped with all sophisticated electronic devices and course material to enable your child to shine in the real-world.

Of course, Indian schools follow different certification programs such as SSC, CBSE, ICSE, and others. It is your choice to accommodate your child in the program that fits her or him the best.

Teacher to student ratio

Teachers have their capabilities and limitations. It is essential that you, as a caring parent, send your child to the school that has a healthy teacher-to-student ratio. Research has proven that children tend to learn better and more in classrooms with low strength.

The more the number of students, the more the effort from the part of the teacher and the more the number of teachers required. Look for schools that follow the accepted industry norm of 30 to 35 students per class in the primary school setting. The number is even lower at the pre-K level.

Importance to discipline

One of the fundamental requirements in any child’s life is the high level of control and discipline established at the school. A school is the most important place where your child learns basic manners and essential etiquette. You must ensure that your child’s school imparts in her or him the acceptable behaviors, character, and empathy.


One key factor that governs the choice of your child’s school is the proximity. From a safety perspective and for saving unwanted discomfort of having to commute long, it is your responsibility to put your child in a school that is not just having all the above-discussed virtues but is close enough to reach as well.

Quality Education from the Appropriate School is Key in the Overall Development of Children

The quality of education and the opportunity to learn the skills as demanded by society remain the crucial factors. However, there’s much more for your child to learn in school. You must ensure that the school offers the opportunity to develop your child’s physical, social, and creative skills as well. This is the path to facilitate the overall development of your child.


Make sure that you give your child the best education today so that he/she blossoms to a matured, enlightened, and compassionate human being with all the necessary skills to face the world in future. The Shri Ram School offers a world of educational opportunities for children, spanning from academic to extra-curricular activities. Click here to explore the world of TSUS.

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