How The Shri Ram Universal School Stands Out From the Crowd

Good academic curriculum, character-building, extra-curricular talents, and many other aspects are involved in shaping children through a properly-framed education system. The Shri Ram Universal School, one of the best CBSE school in Chennai, is nestled amidst lush greenery, providing a serene and conducive learning environment. It offers a balanced education filled with all virtues necessary for the child. It is perfect for training the students to become responsible future citizens.

The location advantages

The Shri Ram Universal School is located in SPR City, Perambur. Having a presence in the heart of a metropolitan city naturally provides myriad benefits. This sprawling residential township is free from all the hassles associated with big city life while retaining all the essential facilities.

With excellent accessibility from almost all parts of Chennai, this school provides a safe and convenient way for children to reach school and return home. As the entire school is set amidst natural surroundings with a calm atmosphere, it provides the opportunity to learn and develop most skills the natural way.

Focusing on the overall development of the students

It is a well-known fact that the learning process, especially at school, is instrumental in shaping the student’s personality and the way they deal with life situations. By offering learning opportunities that are experimental, innovative, and interactive, the overall growth of students is guaranteed.

Education in the contemporary world is expected to bring about well-rounded development rather than just providing the means to acquire degrees and achieve financial success. The Shri Ram Universal School believes in grooming the children from a 360-degree perspective to accomplish holistic growth.

How does The Shri Ram Universal School differ?

Several educational institutions are following the principle of providing a curriculum-oriented education that only develops the students in learning what is required to obtain degrees. The Shri Ram Universal School, on the other hand, has the vision to contribute immensely to the development of young minds so they can acquire knowledge in multiple domains.

The Shri Ram Universal School focuses on different aspects

Social aspect: The Shri Ram Universal School understands that the school is the child’s first avenue of socializing. At school, the child leaves its comfort zone with his/her parents and immediate family members. They begin their interaction with others, thus being exposed to new people and ideas. They learn friendly practices such as friendship, empathy, and participation. We assist children with all essential guidance in this regard, enabling them to become empathetic and socially developed adults.

Mental aspect: Being the first fountain of knowledge for children, schools are entrusted with the massive responsibility of cultivating a good thought process in the children. We provide ample opportunities for the children to get exposure to unlimited influences that come from different cultural sources. Patience, sharing, flexibility, and tolerance are a few of the virtues children learn at the Shri Ram Universal School.

Physical aspect: The most crucial growing period in children’s life is their student phase. School-going children must be allowed to participate in as many physical activities as possible to turn into healthy and fit adults. Our school ensures that students are enabled to direct their boundless energy into something productive through various physical activities, such as sports and craft.

Unparalleled, unique facilities

Sports abound: With open spaces, various competitions and games, the school motivates its students to take up their preferred sports activity.

Learning den: To inculcate the vital habit of reading among the children, we have a well-stocked library with myriad books for fostering learning.

Safe transportation: The reliable and secure bus service with a fleet of air-conditioned buses ensure prompt pick-up and drop for children while assuring their safety and security.

Yummy, healthy cafeteria: The school houses a hygienic and clean refreshment area. Freshly prepared nutritious food is available for children of all ages.

Thinking arcade: The Shri Ram Universal School prides itself in having an exclusive thinking arcade that augments the critical thinking abilities of the students while maximizing creativity and practical learning.

Wonder spaces: Learning through experience is one of the unique principles of our school. We encourage children to explore and enjoy nature through amenities like tree houses, green groves, and a green kitchen inside the campus.

Exclusive curriculum and pedagogy

At the Shri Ram Universal School, the emphasis is placed on a child-centric education. Our learning methods are experimental and interactive, inviting the children’s curiosity. We use a diverse mix of innovative materials and approach for teaching.

The ‘one size fits all’ concept is done away with; we follow a combination of different approaches that fulfill the specific needs of students. Every child is assured of a personalized learning experience here.

An unmatched co-curricular domain – The main reason why Shri Ram School stands among the top schools in Chennai, Perambur

We believe in the fact that children learn as they play, and in play, the children learn more of their core skills. We provide a diverse and extensive range of opportunities in co-curricular activities and motivate every child to take part in the ones they prefer.

The following are a few of these activities:

  • Clubs and societies
  • Sports
  • Life skills
  • Community service
  • Environmental activities
  • School trips
  • Arts and visual arts programs
  • Math lab
  • Music club
  • Computer lab
  • Literary club
  • The student-centric Shri philosophy

    The Shri Ram Universal School fully understands that education at the school level is the foundation of any society. We feel responsible for providing education that ensures the social, economic, and political development and growth of the community in general.

    The critical factor that distinguishes our school from peers is the fact that we believe in the unique individuality of each child. We see to it that the entire curriculum is woven around the student, making the learning process enjoyable and challenging.


    We stay ahead by playing our role perfectly to mould the nation’s future by nurturing our future citizens today. We facilitate the all-round development of today’s students so that they grow into the perfect citizens of tomorrow. We encourage children to learn by igniting their curiosity and fostering creativity.

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