How To Choose The Best CBSE School In Chennai

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the prominent education boards in the country. Schools under this domain are usually renowned for their holistic curricula and the wholesome learning experience they offer across the country. CBSE schools all across India produce stellar alumni with every batch, raising the bar higher every year. With so many to choose from and all of them offering good facilities, how does one pick from the lot?

Picking the right school for your child is a process that culminates in a final decision. Once I pick CBSE, I am automatically choosing to put my child in the national curriculum scheme. With that in mind, picking the best CBSE schools just based on an easy daily commute won’t suffice. The bigger picture has to be taken into consideration, to guarantee the best education for the children. With a few factors in mind, it is possible to search, filter, and lock down the best CBSE schools. Here’s how:

Ask the parents/students from different CBSE schools for a review.

Every school’s prospectus will obviously paint a rosy picture of the institute. For truly honest reviews, enquire about the school to the parents/students associated with the school. They will give you an unbiased account, for the most part, covering the positives and the shortcomings of the school. Always consider different perspectives for the same school, with a fair analysis.

Don’t just go by academics alone.

It’s something we’ve all come across; the top 10 CBSE schools in Chennai are all known to proudly display their students’ performance in board exams. This serves a dual purpose of cementing their standing among the competition, as well as drawing in prospective admissions. While the lower classes are not as impacted by this bookish approach, it’s the ideology that’s in question here. Yes, it is important to consider the academic performance of the school, but that’s not the only important factor. CBSE schools are supposed to provide a holistic education for all students, and this includes extra-curricular activities as well. Make sure the students at the school are happy, your child deserves it as well.

Compare the schools to CBSE schools in other regions.

One of the advantages of being part of a national board of education is that there’s a wide pool for comparison. Comparing a school’s ‘spec sheet’ to other schools that are doing well in other regions will help you get a bigger perspective and gain clarity on which Chennai CBSE school would be best suited for your child. Our school is well-aligned with the general tenets of CBSE schools, while also having a unique approach to education. Know what the school’s vision and mission are. Branch schools like DAV and NPS are also known for their consistent standard in CBSE education.

Look at the logistics.

This is an obvious part of every school hunt, not just CBSE schools. The fee structure of the respective schools is a big demarcating factor in deciding which schools to pick. So are other factors such as the infrastructure available, the school timings, provisions for transport/meals, so on and so forth. The top 10 CBSE schools in Chennai will obviously have top-notch facilities for students to fully utilize. For the schools that rank slightly lower on this list, it’s important to run a check on the facilities, to ensure your child gets the best tools to realize his or her full potential.

Location is important too.

Whichever way we look at it, we cannot ignore that the proximity of the school to our residence influences our decision majorly. After all, organizing and setting up the daily commute for the child to school is a big task in itself! If the school is closeby, it also reflects on the child’s productivity and energy levels both before and after school. Luckily, Chennai’s CBSE schools are spread out uniformly across the city, so there’s always one within close reach.

Let’s say you reside in the northern part of Chennai and are looking for CBSE schools in Perambur. Our school provides a quality education that is on par with CBSE standards. We also instil knowledge in students, with a global outlook in mind. Sri Ram Universal School is dedicated to individual attention to each student’s needs, right from LKG till the sixth grade.

These are just five general reasons for you to consider while filtering out the best CBSE schools in Chennai for your child. As you go deeper into the search, you will find more factors cropping up that will influence your search process. What’s important to remember is, don’t lose sight of what the purpose of your search is: bringing the best opportunities for your child, in terms of his or her education. Happy school scouting!

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