Role Of A Primary Teacher In Students Development

The primary school teacher plays a crucial role in the development of young students. At a young age, children’s minds are like a sponge, absorbing knowledge from many different fronts of life. The teacher’s sole responsibility is not merely imparting knowledge to children in the classroom. Primary school teachers are next only to their students’ parents when it comes to contributing to the children’s development. They assist immensely in developing the children’s moral values. The best CBSE schools in Chennai are no exception to this. They look for teachers by not only evaluating their educational background but also what they bring to the table in terms of aiding student development.

Why Primary School Teachers are Considered The Propagators of Good Qualities Among Children?

Role Of A Primary Teacher In Students Development

As the famous saying goes, “there are no bad students, only bad teachers!” Handling children who are born with no specific characters or manners and moulding them into the right kind of human beings is no easy task. It takes patience, dedication, and an eye for detail.

In empowering the growing minds to understand the difference between right and wrong, teachers are taking up the revered role of guides and mentors. They are tasked to teach desirable qualities to the students.

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The Multiple Roles of a Primary Teacher

A teacher is a particular person in a child’s life who has to fill multiple roles. Teachers first need to keep learning themselves and develop into professionals who can deftly guide young ones to become mature. The following are a few of the crucial roles played by primary teachers so that they become the best educators for children:

1. Resource Center

Resource Center | Role Of A Primary Teacher

The most significant role to be filled by a primary teacher is becoming a reliable resource centre for their students. It is quite common that children approach teachers seeking information about umpteen things. Providing relevant information and guiding students to make use of the information optimally is the teacher’s responsibility. They must make themselves available all the time so that students can consult them whenever necessary.

2. Constant Support

Constant Support | Role Of A Primary Teacher

In their developing stage, children need support and assistance while acquiring new skills or learning further information. Acting as reliable support as and when students need such help, teachers are expected to come up with the appropriate backing in different forms, namely, leader, coach, and counsellor.

3. Controlling Hand

Controlling Hand | Role Of A Primary Teacher

Primary school teachers are entirely in charge of the class. They have to control what students do, including how they speak and behave. While imparting knowledge in a student-centric way, the teacher must assume total control for the proper development of the children. They must stay friendly and supportive while ensuring that children abide by the regulations.

4. The Mentor

The Mentor | Role Of A Primary Teacher

Unquestionably, the teacher’s prominent role is being the students’ mentor. Among the several responsibilities of teachers, coaching the students takes priority. Tailoring the courses and planning learning materials according to the individual capabilities of students is of paramount importance. Teachers must ensure that children are allowed to learn at their own pace and in tune with their attention span.

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5. Assessing Students

Assessing Students | Role Of A Primary Teacher

Checking how students perform, correcting them, and providing required feedback are primarily significant functionalities of primary school teachers. Moving around with the growing children enables teachers to have an understanding of the unique qualities and caliber of each child. Grading and correcting students is one of the significant responsibilities of teachers.

6. Organizing Curriculum and Events

Organizing Curriculum and Events | Role Of A Primary Teacher

One of the essential and challenging roles a primary school teacher has to play is organizing the children’s study material and activities related to education and overall development. Setting up activities, getting involved and engaged with the students, and demonstrating things fall under this role.

How do primary school teachers contribute to the overall development of students?

Contribution of teachers to the overall development of students

Did you know that top schools in Chennai hire teachers who have good interpersonal and people skills? This is because they want to impart those skills to the students.

Manners and Etiquette: Teachers enable children to learn the basic etiquette and manners such as respecting elders, being friendly with their peers, and developing socially acceptable behavior. Teachers have to rectify misconduct, if any, in their students’ manners.

Cooperation Among Students: While fostering a friendly and supportive learning environment, teachers encourage and ensure that students work together whenever required. Children are taught the importance and benefits of working as a group or team.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence: In their developing phase, children must learn to love themselves. They must have pride in their clothing and appearance. Feeling good about themselves boosts their self-confidence. Teachers, by showing concern and providing opportunities to succeed, instil self-esteem and confidence in students.

Fostering Curiosity: A crucial aspect that enables young students to learn with interest is their curiosity about new things. The child comes across new situations and acquires new skills continuously in life. The teacher runs a student-centric classroom, encouraging children to ask questions, ensuring they get the right answers, and have their doubts cleared.

Instilling Integrity and Honesty: One of the basic and critical characteristics that must be acquired by young students, honesty and integrity are the virtues that not only make students mature into competent adults but also ensure the well-being of future society. It is the primary teacher who imparts such great qualities in children during their early learning stage in life.

Taking Responsibility: Another desirable and crucial quality among students that is facilitated by teachers is being responsible for them as well as others. Accountability in life’s various activities at all stages can only be achieved if children are nurtured with these qualities during their budding years. Teachers, of course, are the ones who make this possible.

Teachers Take The Role of Third Parents

Role of Third Parents | Role Of A Primary Teacher

Primary school teachers’ contribution to student development is tremendous. It is a child’s experiences in the formative years that shape him or her into the specific person they become. Teachers help in a big way of discovering who they become. Being a big part of the children’s lives and spending the maximum learning time with them, teachers almost develop parental relationships with students.

Similar to most things in life, a teacher’s role keeps changing with time. In earlier times, teachers used to issue curriculum materials and a clear set of instructions while following a fixed pattern of teaching. This is no more an effective approach in the modern world. Today, primary school teachers in the best CBSE schools in Chennai take up the various roles that fit the demands and needs of the contemporary world.

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