What causes exam anxiety in students & how to overcome it?

What causes exam anxiety in students & how to overcome it?

By Ms. Mangala Madhavan Principal,
The Shri Ram Universal School

Exam anxiety is one of the most miserable states a child can go through. Predominantly, it occurs among children where family or schools have huge expectations from them and are fulfilling their aspirations through them.
During exam anxiety, self-talk by children is based on their unworthiness and inabilities, as told to them by grown-ups. They relive memories where they were considered incapable. There is lots to learn in a subject even after an exam, they consider the exam as an opportunity for self-assessment to better themselves. And, this non evaluating, non-threatening environment provided by the family made children responsible enough to make a career in their areas of their interest.
Students must be made to feel that exams are opportunities to develop courage to face the challenges and for students to reflect on “What could I have done to get better?” And, then set a challenging goal for them to achieve. So, as a family and School we need to ensure that children have an academic routine in place right from lower grades, give them courage to get better with the passing of each exam and support them in achieving the challenging goals they have set for themselves.
Nothing works better with children than unconditional love and trust. With these, we will be able to wipe out exam anxiety among our children and leave them better prepared to handle the challenges of life.

About TSUS, Chennai

The Shri Ram Universal School, Chennai affiliated to CBSE for Senior Secondary, is located in SPR City, with top- notch infrastructure and world-class residences providing a serene and conducive environment for learning.
The Shri Ram Universal School practices The Shri Way of Learning and emphasises on the individuality and the unique identity of each child. The educational philosophy is emphatic about providing child-centric education through a unique pedagogy and curriculum that encourages children to discover their own special light at their own pace. The focus is on holistic growth for students and providing them with experiences that they could apply to real-life situations.
Ms. Mangala Madhavan, the Principal states that “The Shri Ram Universal School strives to nurture children, who would grow up to be ‘Young adults of Principles’ and make the parent and teaching community, proud of them”.
Currently, Admission is open for Nursery to Grade 9 & Grade 11, for the academic year 2023-24.

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