Why is Creative Play important in Child Development?

Why is Creative Play important in Child Development?

Creative plays have a very vital role in the life of a child. It helps in child development. Creative play helps every child in growing emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically. They can communicate their feelings with clarity. As the best school in Perambur, we assure you that your child will find different ideas and ways of doing things.

At The Shri Ram Universal School, the best school in Perambur, we believe in starting early. We enlighten students in experimental learning from small classes.

Importance of Creative Play in Child Development

These are the few things that show the importance of Creative Play in child development. Being the best school in Perambur, we make it a practice involving children in creative play.

Language and communication development

Through creative play, students’ communication skills intensify through a fun and supportive environment. When a child is engaged with the material or plaything that they have chosen, we can see that they talk to themselves, and through this, they will understand that words have the power to enact a story. And as they do this in their own space and time, they will not be feeling any embarrassment. As the best school in Perambur, we apply this theory in building vocabulary and developing a child’s imagination.

Emotional development

A child needs to understand their emotions very well. They should be familiar with every sensation that they encounter in life. And thus, they can identify what they are feeling and act accordingly. We are called Perambur’s best school for a reason. We have applied these in the curriculum and have seen the results ourselves. We make the children paint, draw, or tell a story about their feelings. Some children may find it difficult to verbalize their feelings. So painting, drawing, and other activities help them in expressing and recognizing their emotions.

Physical development

These days’ children are more into digital accessories, which can only harm them. Being the best school in Perambur, we insist on making your child play outside to develop hand and finger strength. When we give clay or paper to them to create models, we help them bring power to their fingers. Also, creative activity helps children in getting spatial awareness and balance.

Intellectual Development

Every child needs to have problem-solving skills which come to them through creative play. Just imagine, they are reading a book, when reading they are taken into a different world. This distinctive world will be way beyond their imagination and expectation. It helps in enhancing their intellectual skills. At The Shri Ram Universal Chennai, the best school in Perambur, we encourage students to put what is in their heads onto paper. We teach the child without them even realizing the burden of learning.

The Shri Ram Universal School supports children in every way and teaches them through activities planned by our dedicated team of expert teachers. Children learn through creative play, discover their interests, and grow as the best citizens of our country.

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