Training and Workshop

Empowerment Through Martial Arts Workshop

Date : 18th August 2023 - 19th August 2023
A dynamic Martial Arts workshop was organized for our students, igniting a spirit of empowerment and self-confidence. Participants delved into basic techniques, discipline, and the essence of respect that Martial Arts embodies. This workshop aimed to instill not only physical skills but also life skills, fostering resilience and inner strength in our students.

Charting Your Path: Career Counseling for Students

Date : 16th July 2023
Our students recently had the privilege of participating in an illuminating Career Counseling session. This session offered invaluable insights into various career options, skill requirements, and the evolving job market. Through personalized guidance, students were empowered to identify their strengths and passions, paving the way for informed decisions about their future pursuits. This workshop aimed to equip our students with the tools they need to embark on a fulfilling and purpose-driven career journey.

Financial Literacy Workshop: Empowering TSUSC Students

Date : 12th July 2023 - 15 th July 2023
TSUSC students recently participated in an enlightening Financial Literacy workshop, where they gained valuable insights into managing money wisely. Through interactive sessions, they learned about budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions. This workshop aimed to equip our students with essential life skills, preparing them for a financially responsible future.

Celebrating Our Medical Heroes: Doctors' Day at TSUSC

Date : 06th July 2023
Students at TSUSC came together as a community to honor the heroes in white coats who work tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe. It's Doctors' Day at our school, and we couldn't be more excited to express our gratitude to these amazing individuals!

Integrated Workshop: Shri Educator, Differentiator, and Shri Philosophy

Date : 31st May 2023
In a succinct workshop, TSUSC teachers engaged with the core of TSUSC's education – the Shri Educator and Differentiator approach, coupled with the Shri Philosophy. This dual focus enriched teaching techniques while reinforcing the school's values, equipping teachers to deliver a comprehensive and impactful learning experience.

Workshop on POCSO for The Shri Ram Universal School Teachers

Date : 31st May 2023
The Shri Ram Universal School, Chennai organized a concise and impactful workshop on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (POCSO) for its teachers. The workshop covered key aspects of the POCSO Act, recognizing signs of abuse, fostering open communication with students, and ensuring a safe learning environment. This initiative reinforces the school's commitment to student safety and equips teachers with essential tools to address this critical issue effectively.

Classroom Management Workshop for TSUSC Teachers

Date : 30th May 2023
The Teachers of The Shri Ram Universal School Consortium (TSUSC) attended a focused workshop on Classroom Management. This workshop provided practical strategies for creating an engaging and well-organized classroom environment. Teachers learned techniques for effective behaviour management, student engagement, and optimizing learning outcomes. The workshop aimed to enhance teaching practices and ensure a productive and positive learning atmosphere within TSUSC classrooms.

Financial literacy program for teachers

Date : 22nd May 2023
Financial Education Training Program (FETP) is an initiative of the NCFE for providing unbiased personal financial education to people and organizations for improving financial literacy in the country. After completion of the training, teachers were certified as “Money Smart Teachers”, where they can facilitate conducting financial education classes (MSSP) and encourage students to obtain basic financial skills.

Summer camp

Date : 02nd May 2023 - 07th May 2023
Our summer camp at TSUSC started from 2nd May 2023 till 07th May 2023. We had an exciting line-up of activities for everyone to enjoy. Our students have kicked off their journey with instruments, western dance, karate, French, vocal, and classical dance classes. Our talented instructors were passionate about their craft and dedicated towards helping students learn and grow in a fun and supportive environment. Kids at TSUSC had a summer full of new experiences, new friendships, and endless possibilities.

Young people’s climate conference

Date : 24th Apr 2023
We are thrilled to see our students engage in the climate conference held at TSUSC on 24th April 2023. It is encouraging to see our young minds come together to understand the gravity of climate change and its effects on our planet. Our students learned about the various ways in which we contribute to make the environment clean and the importance of taking individual and collective action. We are confident that this conference has equipped our students with the knowledge and motivation to become change-makers in their communities. We applaud their passion and commitment towards creating a sustainable future for all!

Parent orientation 23-24

Date : 08th Apr 2023
Parent’s orientation for the academic year 2023-24 was a great success! We were happy to see so many new parents with us, eager to learn more about our school's vision, mission, and academic programs.

Circle time for teachers

Date : 01st Apr 2023
The web of trust is an icebreaker activity that helped new teachers to build connections and trust with each other. In this activity, the first teacher holds the end of their string and tosses the ball to someone else in the group. The person who catches the ball then holds onto the string and tosses the ball to someone else. This continues until everyone has had a turn holding onto a piece of string. The web of string that is created during this activity represents the connections and relationships that have been built. This activity can help new teachers feel more comfortable with each other and create a sense of community in the classroom.

Engaging Minds: Active Learning Workshop for Teachers

Date : 29th March 2023
In an effort to enhance teaching practices, our dedicated educators participated in an enlightening Active Learning workshop. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, teachers discovered innovative ways to engage students actively in the learning process. The workshop emphasized collaborative learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques that promote a dynamic classroom environment. This initiative aimed to equip teachers with effective tools to inspire a love for learning and foster deeper understanding among students.

Navigating the Curriculum: TSUSC Teachers' Workshop

Date : 27th March 2023 - 28 th March 2023
In a recent Curriculum Walkthrough workshop, TSUSC teachers embarked on a guided journey through the intricacies of our educational framework. This interactive session provided a deeper understanding of the curriculum's objectives, learning outcomes, and interdisciplinary connections. Teachers explored innovative teaching strategies to make the curriculum come alive in their classrooms. The workshop aimed to enhance teaching effectiveness and ensure a seamless alignment between educators and the dynamic TSUSC curriculum.

How will I save the world? By Grade 5 students

Date : 21st Jan 2022
“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production.”
Students of Grade 5 of TSUSC have created an initiative of understanding the importance of Reuse, Recycle and reducing during their social science class!

Workshop on "Wellness in the new normal"

Date : 8th Dec 2021
At TSUSC we make sure that our children are kept safe and sound. So, with the help of our student counsellor and school nurse we conducted a workshop on “Wellness in the new normal.” With this workshop we educated our children about following the COVID protocol in daily routine and the importance of mental and physical well-being!

Aerospace Workshop

Date : 22nd Oct 2021 - 23 rd Oct 2021
TSUS, Chennai organized an Aerospace Workshop by Mr. G Jagadeesh Kanna, ‘Seeking Answers’ for students from Nursery to Grade 2 & Grade 3 to 7 on 22nd and 23rd of Oct. The workshop was conducted by Vaayusastra- India's first ed-tech research firm using theatre arts in combination with hands on activities to educate students in Aeronautics and Aerospace.

Training and Workshop