5 Most Important Qualities of a Good Preschool or Nursery

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Finding the right nursery has a lasting effect and makes a big difference for a kid throughout life. But, to have that sort of impact, the nursery has to be of top quality. Because preschool learning will lay the foundation for a great education as most young children will start their education here.

Location, price, and availability are some factors that limit parents when it comes to making a choice of selecting the best nursery school for children. In case you find it challenging to choose with so many preschool options, regardless of what educational philosophy or model a nursery classroom utilizes, these five components are the fundamentals to search for while picking the best nursery school.

A Strong Reputation

Parents rely on good word of mouth to short-list the best preschool or nursery, we want only the best for our children and recommendations from trusted friends will smooth the process. Also, check the internet and social media groups that are geared to families of small kids.

Consider asking some questions to gauge interest

  • Do they share the new things they learn at school?
  • Are they happy in school and what delights them about it?
  • Are the teachers nurturing and skilled?
  • How is correspondence between school and parents?
  • Is the program activity-based, academic, or both?
  • What additional activities do the programs have? Do they have dialects, outdoor activities, nature development, art, music, science etc.?
  • How many years of experience do the skilled and experienced staff have working in a school?
  • What do the staffs love about teaching in nursery or preschool?
  • Educational setting and style

    Nursery or preschool is the first place where your child experiences being away from both home and the parent’s loving care. It is worth noting that the classroom atmosphere must be conducive and enriching. Children should feel happy and gregarious and the classroom is designed around centres, that offer a variety of activities. Safe and connected facilities are probably going to rank high on your list, for various reasons.

    Pay a visit to the campus so that you can have a first-hand view of how the school operates. Is there healthy interaction between the teachers and students? Is it safe, fun, and friendly?

    Devoted, Energetic and Skilled Teachers

    As a priority, the teachers should be both passionate as well as skilled and caring when handling children. The campus may be top-notch, but the teachers and administration are responsible for making the curriculum effective. Employing passionate, skilled and enthusiastic faculty and staff is one of the key differentiators that makes the best nursery school. Some important qualities that a great preschool teacher will present include: Creativity, lexibility, enthusiasm, dedication, passion, great communication skills, compassionate personality, warm sense of humor and of course experience.

    Child-Centred Quality Program

    Fostering every child’s unique learning needs

    Every child is unique and great preschool or nursery programs not only understand this but help develop each child’s unique skills and differences. Great preschool employee’s teachers who are encouraged towards commitment in the preschool learning cycle and recognize each child’s unique pattern of advancement and development.

    Activity-based Learning

    Children learn best by doing when they are introduced to novel methods of learning through activity or play-based learning. This is called “active learning” or “play-based learning” and it is an important characteristic of the best nursery school.

    The best nursery school is the one that incorporates fun in the learning environment in a way that fosters development. Preschool or nursery grade children need to have fun while learning, otherwise, it will be hard to engage them and they won’t pay attention to any information that the teachers are telling them.

    Exposing children to various age-appropriate planned learning activities will help lay the foundation for a solid education. It should include library time, physical activities, reading activities, nature education, arts and crafts, music, dance etc. to build curiosity and teach empathy and problem-solving skills. This helps to shape the most important pre-academic skills for children like counting, recognizing colours and shapes, refines motor skills and building coordination.

    The Shri Ram Universal School

    “Learning the Shri Way”

    Located in SPR City, our school in Perambur is surrounded by a pristine lush green environment providing a serene & calm learning atmosphere.

    At TSUS, we guarantee state-of-the-art teaching methods amidst an environment of endless learning & opportunities. We value integrity and our system is built on the values and teaching methodology of The Shri Ram School Delhi. The “Shri Way” of education helps the student succeed, by emphasizing a child-centric education with a diverse mix of teaching methodology that implements both technology and experiential learning.

    Being great in everything identified with child education is something that we strive towards, we have been making and executing unique learning ways to achieve excellence in preschool education. Some of them are ‘Wonder Time’, ‘Circle Time’, ‘Music and Movement’, ‘Puppetry’, ‘Storytelling’, and much more which makes us the best nursery school in Chennai.

    Visit TSUS, schedule a tour so you can see what the best nursery school in Chennai is all about! Look no further if you need your child to have top-class tutoring from the best of teachers, faculty staff, and campus to see how TSUS can positively impact your child.

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