How to help children understand emotions?

Some children burst out because they have a difficult time managing their own emotions. Some children continue to struggle with controlling or organizing emotions as they get older. And with a little bit of help, we can take away their struggles in their life and let them live their life without any emotional drama. Let us discuss a few points that can help your kid adjust & handle their emotions.

  • Name the feeling

The most common practice through which you can help your kid is to help them recognize what the feelings are, that they are experiencing. For example, when they are laughing, you can point out to them that the emotion that they are experiencing is happiness, or if they are sad, tell them their emotion is sadness. If your child understands all emotions inside them, it will help them in building an emotional vocabulary.

  • Talk about how feelings can be expressed.

Teach them how to express these emotions or feelings. Your child studies from you first, so try to give the best lesson for your kid. Tell your kids what outcomes will occur if we don’t choose the right emotion. First, tell them that it’s perfectly okay to feel what they feel. Tell them it is okay to feel angry, frustrated, or mad. Tell them that it is not okay to suppress their feelings, teach them to overcome the emotion. Help them in finding the right way to tackle the situation. Like, tell them your experience, that when you get mad you take a deep breath, or you keep quiet for a second, or exhausting our body does the trick.

  • Find and offer teachable moments

As a parent, it’s your duty to work with your child’s emotions throughout their entire childhood and even during the teen years. In a healthy way always continue to have conversations about how to handle emotions. When you kid does a wrong thing, like say, he/she refused to eat breakfast or insisted on getting a gift, take this opportunity and tell them how better they can handle this situation so that in the future they can make it out with a positive approach.

  • Offer a deep nurturing connection

There is a limit for a kid to do things, and that’s when your role comes up. Understand them, know the root cause for the outburst or the breakdown. They should feel connected to you, the kid should feel like opening up to you, give the needed space for them to feel connected with you. When a problem comes see things from the perspective of your child. It would help you manage & encourage them and to help them in the right way.

  • Praise and practice – often!

Always listen to them, even if it’s the tiniest little thing. It assures them that you are always there to hear them out. And when they tell you about their emotions praise them for speaking about it, this will boost their confidence. Never tell your kid to do this or that when you feel like this, let them experience it and find the right way.

Just like parents, the teachers and school play a very important role in shaping the emotions of every child. So, choose wisely when it comes to your kid’s future. You need to find the right kind of school with the right pedagogy, curriculum, and teachers who will care & nurture them through holistic learning & practical learning.

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